The Advance Track

Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, & Make A Difference

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The Advance Track is where your journey begins at BattleCreek Church.

It is a four part class where you learn who we (BattleCreek Church) are and what we believe and where YOU FIT here. The first session is all about us; the second, third, and fourth sessions are all about YOU. By the end of the four part class, we hope you call this place, your place. Keep scrolling for more information and SIGN UP at the bottom of the page!

Know God - Week 1

This week is a time of stories. You'll get to hear from Pastor Alex what God’s story is and what we believe about Him theologically, as well as the story of BattleCreek Church. You’ll find out our vision as a church and how you’ll progress in your spiritual journey within the Advance Track.

Find Freedom - Week 2

This week is all about, you guessed it, finding freedom. A phrase we like to say within the church is, “if you want to find forgiveness, you confess to God; if you want to find freedom, you confess to people.” We firmly believe here at Battlecreek church life is better together in groups. Finding freedom occurs when you become transparent with a group of people in your life that you consider family.

Discover Purpose - Week 3

This week is all about you! After a brief time with Pastor Alex sharing about your purpose in the world, you’ll take a personality and spiritual assessment. This will help you determine how God wired you, and some potential places within the church where you can serve on a regular basis.

Make A Global Difference - Week 4

This final week of the Advance Track will allow you to meet with some of our ministry leaders. You will be able to meet people who will invest in your life, encourage your faith, and allow you to see God doing incredible work within that ministry. Pastor Alex will also discuss how each of us are leaders, which are really influencers to those around us.

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