The Advance Track

Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, & Make A Difference

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The Advance Track is where your journey begins at BattleCreek Church.

At BattleCreek Church, we believe God knew you long before you were born and has uniquely designed you for a specific purpose. He will take your personality, passions, special skills, and life experiences and energize them with your spiritual gifts to help you fulfill His plan for your life.

We will walk through your Spiritual Gift and DISC Assessments during Advance Track to help you discover your purpose. It’s been said that the two most important days of your life were when you were born, and the day you discover why. Advance Track will help you discover how God has specifically designed you and “WHY” it will be fulfilling.

We are excited to see you at Advance Track.

Discover Your Purpose - Step 1

This week is all about you! After a brief time with Pastor Alex sharing about your purpose in the world, you’ll take a personality and spiritual assessment. This will help you determine how God wired you, and some potential places within the church where you can serve on a regular basis.

Make A Difference - Step 2

This final week of the Advance Track will allow you to meet with some of our ministry leaders. You will be able to meet people who will invest in your life, encourage your faith, and allow you to see God doing incredible work within that ministry. Pastor Alex will also discuss how each of us are leaders, which are really influencers to those around us.

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