Local & Global Outreach at BattleCreek Church

We help you meet the tangible needs of the most vulnerable individuals in our city and our world and introduce them to the ultimate Care-Giver, Jesus.

Local Outreach

In Tulsa today, there are…

  • 1,042 children out of their home, either in foster care or waiting for a foster placement
  • 70 children waiting to be adopted
  • Only 510 open foster homes.

This translates into a heartbreaking reality of broken homes, urgent tangible needs left unmet, and a pressing demand for more available foster homes to provide stability and love for these vulnerable children.

To tackle these issues, we partner with local organizations and individuals through the CarePortal program.

How our CarePortal System works to meet Local Needs:

We Receive Needs
We receive tangible needs from various sources, including DHS, local schools, and ministry partner organizations.

You Get an Email
We send a mass email with the input needs directly to the inboxes of those who have signed up to receive the needs.

You Meet Needs
You can then choose to meet these needs either by yourself or with your community group.

How to get involved:

1. Sign up to be a responder

2. Meet a tangible need

3. Change a life

We get it—you can’t change the world on your own. But you can partner with an organization that maximizes your contribution.

Hear from other BattleCreek Church members who have signed up to be CarePortal responders and meet local tangible needs.

“CarePortal is one of the best ways church can meet specific needs in the community. We have had several opportunities to meet with folks in person and express to them how much they are loved. We’ve been able to invite folks to church with us and point them to life-changing ministries. People won’t know what BattleCreek has to offer unless we tell them, bring them and walk with them. Please consider meeting a need in the days to come. You’ll be amazed at how God’s blessings flow!”

– Matt and Tina Bolding

My experience with CarePortal started with seeing and funding a lot of what seemed like minor requests. My heart sank seeing that kids needed simple beds or mattresses, clothes, and even just a day out with their families. These seemingly small requests being met made a huge difference to these families and to my own walk in my faith. Our time and resources has not only brought nuclear, foster, and adoptive families together, but allowed them to stay together. 

– Zeke

Global Outreach

God is at work changing the world, and you're invited,

How to get involved

1. Apply for Global Outreach Trip

2. Go on a Global Outreach Trip

3. Change lives

Upcoming Short Term Trips to Egypt:


2025 Trips, exact dates coming soon

  • ADULTS — February 2025
  • STUDENTS — July 2025
  • ADULTS — October 2025
Upcoming Short Term Trips to El Salvador:
  • Dec 7-14, 2024

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