Haven - Honoring and Valuing Every Need

BattleCreek Special Needs Ministry

Our Ministry

Our vision at BattleCreek Church is to help all people advance in their journey with Christ and this includes people of all ages and ability levels. Our Haven ministry exists to glorify God by helping individuals with disabilities and their families advance in their journey with Christ by meeting individual needs. All of our volunteers are trained and equipped to care for individuals with special needs and have the heart to do so.

Meeting Your Needs

The heart of the Haven ministry is to give each individual a worship experience that fits his or her needs and to create an environment where he or she can learn about God and experience the presence of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to serve your family with excellence.

Plan Your Visit

Prior to your first visit, please complete the Haven Intake Form. Once you have completed the Intake Form, the Haven Director will schedule a time to meet with your family either in person or by phone.

Haven Intake Form

Broken Arrow Campus Haven Sunday Times

Prior to your first visit, please fill out the Haven Intake Form below. To learn more about the options available to your child, email our Haven Director.

Preschool (ages birth-3)


Preschool (ages 4-6)


Elementary (ages 6-12)

8:30am, 10am & 11:30am

Students (ages 12-17)

10am & 11:30am

Adults (Ages 18+)

10am & 11:30am

Haven Parent Support Group

Haven Parent Support Group is for families with a special needs child. The group shares resources, develops community and connects with other families.

Where: BattleCreek Church Broken Arrow Campus
When: Typically the last Sunday of the month.
Time: 11:30-12:30 p.m. (All Haven classes are available
during this time)

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DOSA (Dads on Special Assignment)
A men’s ministry dedicated to the health and well-being of any dad who has a son or daughter with special needs.

Where: BattleCreek Church Broken Arrow Campus
Haven Student Room
When: Third Thursday of the month
Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m.
For more information www.dosausa.org


How will my child be integrated into their class?

Our Haven facility is designed to meet the needs of all ages and has been equipped to allow children, students and adults a Sunday morning experience that will meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of each individual.

Where should I drop off and pick up my child?

Children who are part of the Haven ministry will always start and finish in their age appropriate Haven classroom.

What does my child do in class while I am in service?

Your child, student or adult will have the opportunity to experience worship, engage in a Bible story, pray, have a snack, complete a craft, and engage with friends. Their time in class is designed to be structured, purposeful, and fun.

My child wears diapers, will they be changed?

Children age three and under will have their diaper changed during the service. Children age four and five that wear diapers will only be changed if the diaper is soiled.  Children and adults over the age of five that wear diapers will not be changed.  If diaper is soiled, parents will be called to change their child or adult.

Who is caring for my child?

The leaders in Haven love children deeply and have been trained for their roles by BattleCreek staff, but they are not necessarily professionals. These people offer their time freely and care for each child to the best of their abilities as members of the Haven Dream Team.

What if my child gets sick or hurt while in class?

Safety is one of our primary focuses at BattleCreek Church, but we know sometimes sickness and accidents happen. If your child appears to be sick, bleeding, or hurting him/herself, a coordinator or staff member will call/text you immediately. BattleCreek volunteers and staff will not perform medical procedures on children or give medication to children.

What if my child is having behavioral problems?

If a child starts behaving inappropriately, the Haven  Director will set up a meeting with you to discuss the behavior and develop a plan to encourage positive change.  We may also call/ text you out of service if necessary.  We will call the number used to sign your child in, so please make sure your phone is near during service.

Will my child ever be alone with an adult?

We stand with you in prioritizing safety and accountability.  BattleCreek Haven ministry will always have two adults in the classroom at all times, including during diaper changes.

What if my child no longer needs special needs services?

If your child becomes independent in his or her classroom and no longer needs our services, the Haven Director will set up a meeting to discuss next steps for your child.

My child is a student or adult. What can I expect from the Haven ministry classes?

Our Haven student and adult classrooms are equipped with opportunities to learn and discuss scripture through a variety of methods including Bible reading and discussion, videos and watching our online worship and service when appropriate. Our student and adult ministries seek to reach individuals with diverse needs at an age appropriate level utilizing activities, crafts and games to develop understanding and help them advance in their journey with Christ.

Meet our Team

Pam Vance

Haven Director

Jennifer Hovis

Haven Coordinator

Next Steps

Set up an appointment by emailing the Haven Director, Pam Vance.

Here is what you can expect at your appointment:

• We will evaluate the level of support your child needs and create a plan for success.
• You will receive a tour of our facility.
• You will complete paperwork to prepare for your child’s time at BattleCreek Church.

We look forward to meeting your family!