Legacy Estate Planning

July 10

Everything we have is a gift from God. Kingdom-minded estate planning acknowledges Christ-followers’ role as stewards of these gifts. We’re commanded to use them for His glory during our lifetime and after we die. That’s why BattleCreek has partnered with WatersEdge to help you pass on God’s provision through biblically grounded estate planning that provides for your family and empowers ministry here at BattleCreek.

Whether you’ve retired or are just starting your career, whether you’re married or single, whether you have children or not — every adult needs an estate plan. It allows you to answer some very important questions, like:

  • Who will inherit my possessions after I pass away?
  • Who do I want to raise my children if I die before they’re grown?
  • Who do I trust to make financial, legal and healthcare decisions on my behalf if I were seriously sick or hurt and couldn’t make those decisions for myself?
  • Last but not least, an estate plan allows you to decide how you want to give back to God one final time before you meet Him face-to-face.


Join us after the 9am or 11am service on July 10th to schedule a meeting for more information if this is something you’re interested in!