tC Toys 2019 Announcement

BattleCreek Church has prayerfully and carefully decided to take a strategic pause from tC Toys this year in order to launch a new initiative called CarePortal. We know tC Toys has done an incredible job at helping people know God but it doesn’t do great to help people find freedom, discover their purpose, or make a global difference! We want to intentionally do all four objectives of our mission! Because of this, we have decided to take a break from tC Toys, not to step back from the community but to step up to something we believe could be the difference. We are so excited to pursue this opportunity and believe that this is the next step the Lord is calling us to.

We are so grateful for all the years that we were able to host tC Toys! We’re grateful for the families we met, the volunteers we served with, and the impact tC Toys was able to make. If we met you through tC Toys or served with you – thank you for being part of an amazing Christmas celebration! We look forward to partnering with you in ministry through Care Portal!

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